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"The road to
the future runs through the past."

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Together We Worship: includes contents, preface, and week 1 day 1

Welcome to the 30 Days of  Worship Discovery

30 Days Supplemental Resources



30 days is designed for the whole congregation –
a kind of immersion in the New Worship Awakening for the four
weeks of your choice. Listen, read, discuss, plan, do it. 30 Days
can also be done with smaller groups like the staff or choir, or by
yourself with your computer.

It is well worth your time! Don’t miss this opportunity for your

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 because the 30 Days provides
you with all the resources you need. Here is the process . . .
1. Choose a four-week period of time to do the 30 Days.
2. Preach 4 sermons on worship using the sermon resou
rces on CD.
3. Organize small groups to listen to the four DVD presentations.
4. Small groups will
read and discuss “Together We Worship” using
the discussion guide in the CD.
5. Plan worship using Worship Is a Verb and Renew! Songs and

You can do the 30 Days anywhere, anytime.

Robert Webber has held numerous workshops on worship and
written 30 books on the topic. His leadership as the President of the
Institute for Worship Studies ( and Myers Professor of
Ministry at Northern Seminary ( has always been one
with a keen eye on the local church.



Worship is the window to your church.

What do you want people to see? I invite you to discover how the new worship awakening will restore substance and passion to your worship.

It’s all about recovering God’s incredible story.

The new awakening calls the church to recover how worship lives out God’s story at Word and Table. It emphasizes Scripture, eclectic music, a strong use of the arts, restoration of ancient prayers and symbols, interactive preaching, times of silence, more frequent communion, and worship as embodied life in the world. As one young person said. “Just give us the old stuff again.” This young person, like others, wants to be anchored in the “old stuff”, because . . .

We live in a tumultuous time of history

There are forces all around us seeking to narrate the world in non-christian ways. But the New Awakening call us to recover the story of God – the story of creation, incarnation, death, resurrection, and recreation. The new worship sings, proclaims and enacts this old, old story. It narrates the world, and in doing so transforms lives and congregations, giving hope in the face of a chaotic and disintegrating world.

Do the 30 Days and you will:
• Unite your congregation in God’s story
• Ignite full, conscious and active participation
• Call forth artists, readers, musicians
• Establish meaning full small groups
• Watch growth in depth and number

All the Resources You Need!
Order your “Kick-off” set now and you will receive:

1. Four stimulating DVD presentations, for the “30 Days”
 By Robert Webber (20 min. each)
Week #1 God’s story
Week #2 How worship enacts and proclaims God’s story
Week #3 How we respond to God’s story
Week #4 How space, music, and the arts serve God’s story

2. A CD with all the printout materials needed for
“30 Days” (packaged with the DVD)

• Instructions to guide you
• Schedule to organize the 30 Days
• Outlines for each DVD talk
• Discussion guides for each talk
• Bulletin inserts for each week
• Sermon materials (4 sermons)
• Posters
• Small group leader’s guide
• And much more!
Print as many materials as needed with no additional cost.

3. Three books by Robert E. Webber